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Computerized Investing > August 17, 2013

Chart Fu

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by CI Staff

Chart Fu is an application that allows investors to capture images of charts and add their own annotations. Charts can be created on different programs or even taken directly offline and opened up into Chart Fu. The program simplifies the process by supplying its own screen capture feature. This allows the user to resize and drag a box over the chart they’re looking at on another website and capture the image without having to download any additional software for screen shots.

Once a chart is pulled up on Chart Fu, users have several different options to annotate it. If the chart isn’t big enough to view, you can start by resizing it. Across the left-hand side of the program there are a series of symbols, like a drawing toolbar, for the chart. Just as you would in a Paint document, you click on a tool that you can use for drawing. Some of these tools include different types of channels or chart patterns, Fibonacci sequences, trendlines and text boxes. This roster of tools enables the user to add their own personalized analysis to any chart. If you want to add more than one chart on the page or overlap pictures of charts, you can do that as well. Annotations can either be added from the side toolbar or the drop-down menu at the top of the program.

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