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Avid Computerized Investing readers know that is a CI favorite for charting and technical analysis education. What makes it one of the best charting websites is that it provides a remarkable amount of valuable information for free.’s ChartSchool is invaluable for beginner investors, those looking to brush up, and those exploring new strategies. Readers will be surprised to find that ChartSchool goes beyond technical analysis education. ChartSchool provides in-depth information on trading strategies, overlays, indicators, chart basics, market analysis, trading rules and guidelines, and more.

In the Overview sections, readers will learn the essentials of technical, fundamental and intermarket analysis and be introduced to market behavior. Mastering these basics is essential to investment success. Moreover, the articles are not dry and static; rather, they are practical and empirical. For instance, one article on market behavior explains the 2000 Internet bubble in detail and discusses the psychological factors influencing stock prices.

Traders can use this information to help predict a stock’s short-term trend, while investors can use this information to prepare themselves psychologically for short-term losses. As Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham argue, one of the key components of investing success is the ability to eliminate emotion from an investment decision. For instance, an investor who buys a “hot” stock simply because of the hype is either speculating or gambling.

The Chart Analysis section explains trend lines, charting styles, charting tools and how to use them, and much more. Once these charting basics are mastered, Technical Indicators and Overlays will teach the reader how to make the most of the charts from a technical analysis perspective. Trading Strategies will help readers make trades by providing them with a variety of strategies, rules and guidelines. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but it is in everyone’s favor to understand different options and strategies.

ChartSchool is free and, quite honestly, invaluable for beginning investors and those looking to expand their options and strategies. As for, much of the website is free, but some features are reserved for subscribers. If, after reading the articles in ChartSchool, a user is interested in membership, offers a 10-day free trial on all new accounts.

Readers may also notice that certain articles within ChartSchool recommend related books. These books and more are available for purchase at Quite obviously, is hoping to sell the books. Still, many of these books are perfect resources for investors who would like to master certain strategies discussed in the articles. Though the articles tend to be quite lengthy and in-depth, there is always more to every strategy.

Do you know what a put/call ratio is? How about a stochastic oscillator? To learn about these terms and more, ChartSchool is a great place to start.


Price: Free; $14.95 per month for Basic; $24.95 per month for Extra; $34.90 per month for Extra RT; 10-day free trial for all new accounts


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