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CNBC Real-Time for Android

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At the time we reviewed the CNBC Real-Time app for the iPad, there was no equivalent app for the Android platform. However, NBC Universal recently released an Android version of this popular, useful and free app. Like its iOS counterpart, the CNBC Real-Time Android app gives users access to live, real-time stock quotes from both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ Marketplace.

After installing the app on a Motorola Xoom, we opened it to find a layout that mimics the iPad version. There are still four parts to the app—markets, news, videos and “My Stocks.” However, it was soon apparent that this Android app is not nearly as robust as the iPad version.


The Markets section of the app provides current quotes and performance data for major U.S., European and Asian indexes. For each index, there is the latest real-time quote, the point and percentage change for the latest trading day, brief news headline and a thumbnail chart for the day’s price action. The five-day return, present in the iOS version, is missing here. When you tap on an individual index, a summary page opens with news and video content and, by default, a one-year price chart. You can select from several time periods for the chart, including one and two days; one week; one, three and six months; and one to five years. You are not able to overlay additional indexes for comparison, nor do you have any fundamental or technical indicators for analysis. From this screen, however, you can add an index to your My Stocks watchlist.


The News section contains top finance and investment stories from a number of top sources, including, Reuters, The New York Times, and The Associated Press. Tapping an individual headline will open the entire story in the viewing area of the page.


The CNBC Real-Time Android app offers unlimited on-demand access to over 100 new video clips each day from CNBC, CNBC Europe, and CNBC Asia. However, unlike the iPad version, there are no clips from Mad Money or Fast Money. Over our office wireless network, the connection and picture quality was quite good.

My Stocks Watchlists

With the My Stocks watchlists, you can keep track of your favorite stocks and indexes in real time. For the symbols on your My Stocks list, you get the real-time quote, dollar/point and percentage change for the latest trading day, a thumbnail of the daily price action, the 52-week high and low range, brief news headlines and a link to news and video content (when available). Just like with the Markets section, tapping on an individual symbol will take you to a separate screen with news headlines and a larger price chart.


If we hadn’t previously reviewed the CNBC Real-Time app for the iPad, we would have been quite impressed with the Android version. However, after trying out this Android app, we see some of the same parallels you often find between Windows and Mac versions of financial software. It appears that, at least in this instance, NBC Universal is catering to the iOS market, as the iPad version of this app is far more robust in terms of the data offerings.

That being said, the CNBC Real-Time Android app has an intuitive user interface and offers real-time quotes for free, which is nothing to scoff at. Our hope is that the developers continue to build upon what they have and bring the Android version up to the same level as that of the iPad app.

CNBC Real-Time for Android


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