Joe Lan, CFA is a former financial analyst for AAII.


Jerry Richardson from SC posted over 3 years ago:

I do not recommend that people do their own taxes- particularly when the tax rules are changing as they are now.

If you are not up to date on tax law you have a high probability of paying more taxes than you should.

As a tax preparer, I am always finding deductions that the average tax payer would miss.

I just about any city you can find good independent tax preparers that will do your personal taxes for $75 or less with the same comprehensive approach as the major tax companies. It is a great deal.

V Kerscher from OH posted about 1 year ago:

Another low cost tax program is The Basic program is free and then it upgrades you as needed to the Deluxe at $29.95 and Premium at $34.95. Their big attraction is the State program at $19.95, however, that one price covers as many states as you want. Since I have to cover about 5 states due to an oil and gas investment I tried it. To my dismay none of the state data was correct. They all had one or more numbers that didn't carry over from the Federal or the program just didn't provide you with the proper forms. I ended up doing them all by hand. When I notified the company through their "help" service they would not acknowledge a glitch in their software but instead suggested I see a "professional" tax person. Has anyone else tried

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