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Comparison: Technical Analysis & Charting Web Sites

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by Wayne A. Thorp

Technical analysis is a form of market analysis that studies supply and demand for securities and commodities based on trading volume and price activity in the hope of predicting future price behavior. While this endeavor was once undertaken solely using software-based applications along with data purchased from a third-party provider, many quality Web-based technical analysis and charting services have become available over the years. While the flexibility and functionality of these services generally lag those of software-based applications, the gap has narrowed significantly. Today, there are numerous Web sites offering charting and technical analysis that would suit the needs of all but the most advanced technicians.

As the number of sites offering charting and technical analysis grows, individuals must confront a diverse collection of choices; knowing what is available and what each site offers becomes an increasingly difficult task. This article will focus on 12 Web-based technical analysis and charting services and the features each has to offer. Some of you may notice that this is a decline from the 19 Web sites covered in our last comparison in the March/April 2005 issue. Based on the suggestions of our readers, we are focusing on the “best of the best” instead of trying to offer comprehensive coverage of this topic area. The sites we will discuss range from those offering basic charting and technical analysis as part of a collection of investment analysis tools to those exclusively devoted to technical analysis and charting.

Web Versus Software

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