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Computerized Investing Retirement Spending Spreadsheet

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The Computerized Investing Retirement Spending spreadsheet, released in the September/October 1995 issue of Computerized Investing, is a simple and easy-to-use spreadsheet that allows you to enter several basic assumptions. Based on these assumptions, the spreadsheet calculates the value of your savings years down the road. The spreadsheet user inputs include retirement age, savings at retirement, return, inflation, percentage of savings you want remaining, and life expectancy. After adjusting the inputs, the spreadsheet will calculate year, age, savings at the beginning of the year, annual spending amount, savings after spending, and savings at year-end. The spreadsheet allows you to see a forecast of how long your savings will last according to your personal assumptions. It also provides users with an idea of how your savings will fluctuate from adjustments to various inputs, such as inflation and rate of return, which can provide a useful guideline when making asset allocation decisions.


Computerized Investing Retirement
Spending Spreadsheet from AAII

System Requirements: Spreadsheet program that reads XLS files, 0.01MB free disk space

Price: Free



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