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CoolTick Stock Ticker 8.62

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The CoolTick Stock Ticker is a simple, scrolling stock market ticker for Windows-based PCs. This user-friendly download displays the current prices of your chosen stocks right on your desktop. With customizable features and a clear display, this stock ticker adds convenience in market watching. CoolTick supports any symbol that can be found in the Yahoo! Finance Web pages, including exchange rates, indexes and international quotes.

After downloading CoolTick, the program displays a pop-up of tips, which include directions on how to access the menu, how to change settings and more. The stock ticker automatically shows up on the top of your desktop screen after the download is complete. The advantage of this stock ticker is that the display is completely customizable; you can change the position of the ticker, the speed of the scroll, the direction of the scroll, the color of the font as well as the size of the ticker. To alter the speed or direction, drag from the middle, and to resize CoolTick, drag from the edges of the ticker.

Along with the display, CoolTick allows you to set custom settings, such as which stocks the ticker displays. By going into the Options area in the right menu, you can change the data shown for each stock symbol, such as, price, day’s change, volume, high price, low price and time of last trade. You can also set high and low alerts, which means that CoolTick will blink a large arrow (up or down) to alert you of the price. Along with that, you can also choose to have a message appear on your screen (by selecting the Show Popup checkbox) or have a WAV file play a sound (by selecting Play Sound) when a high or low price hits. All stock quotes are 15 to 20 minutes delayed. If you click on a symbol as it scrolls in the ticker, the Yahoo! page of the stock quote with detailed information will open.

Other features that allow you to customize CoolTick to your visible convenience are the Always On Top feature, System Tray Icon feature and Auto-Start feature. The Always On Top feature allows you to choose to have CoolTick “float” above all other windows you may have up on your screen. That way, you can still easily view the ticker and track your stocks while working on other tasks. System Tray Icon allows you to switch between showing and hiding the ticker by displaying the icon in the system tray, which is usually located at the bottom-right of your screen. This way, if CoolTick gets lost in between windows in cyber space, clicking on the icon in the system tray will bring the ticker to the front. Auto-Start is an option you can choose to have CoolTick automatically load when you log in to your computer.

CoolTick Stock Ticker offers a free trial version, however this version may be too limited for experienced investors following a multitude of stocks. The limited, free version only allows you to enter and follow two symbols, but this trial is sufficient enough for you to evaluate whether this program is right for you.

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System Requirements: Internet connection; Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Size: 199.63 K

Price: Free limited trial; $19.95


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