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DailyFinance by AOL for iPod, iPod touch, iPhone and iPad

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In Joe Lan’s December 2010 Online Exclusive article on the top comprehensive financial websites, he dropped DailyFinance, formerly AOL Money & Finance, due to its shift in focus to financial news. While the site is no longer a top CI pick among comprehensive online financial data, tools and analysis providers, it does offer a useful (and free) app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. With it you can access real-time stock quotes, track portfolios and watchlists, access company and sector news items and create rudimentary charts.

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A from TN posted over 7 years ago:

Although a member of AAII for twenty-five years I have noticed AAII publications refuse to ever make note of the very helpful sites available through "the Report on Business" section of the "Globe and Mail." Stock prices are given on one screen from several exchanges, many of which are not available on almost all "MAJOR" stock quotation web sites. The site can be easily reached from the main newspaper link and then click on INVESTING followed by "My Watchlist" or directly


AAII Journal and CI editors how about giving at least one mention of this as a source for stock quotations, news, broker recommendations, charts, daily history and recent news alert. At least give it a try.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor any family members have any investments or business connections whatsoever with the "Globe and Mail" or it parent company.



Max from IA posted over 7 years ago:

It would be great for us to have more timely info about stock prices on our watchlists. However, I can suffer from info overload on current price movements. It looks like what is offered on AAII is not too bad, not having a long history in watching the market, I need the education offered as well.

J from MA posted over 6 years ago:

On the iPad I find the CNBC app to be pretty useful and easy to read. It also has real time quotes.

Sanford from OH posted over 6 years ago:

Have an Android system and I find something called "Stock Quote" through BiShi News to be more direct then Cnbc and faster to get to what you want. It allows you to set up numerous lists and gets most of its info through Yahoo finance which I find very easy to use. By the way, the quotes you get from this ite is faster then is a free app too!

Stevan from NY posted over 6 years ago:

After using AOL Portiflio for over a decade the new change to Daily Finance has caused me to drop the program. With out warning they changed over and dropped from coverage on over 8 of the preferred stocks in my portfolios. the new screens do not give the same quick infromation as before. In addition I had used the purchase date and price when I sold older stock holdings, but now I must sift through old brokerage statements to obtain the information. You can only imagine how discusted I am.

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