Computerized Investing > April 20, 2013

| | | Add your comment! | A A   Reset uses financial experts’ advice and business news analysis to help people make better decisions with money. contains different sections that cover topics like shopping, taxes and company news. Along the left-hand side of the site, four major indexes and their performance for the day are listed.

Clicking on the Plan, Save, Invest or Spend sections, displayed across the top of the site, or subtopics under those sections, will provide each topic’s related news. Within each of the four main topics are resources as well. For example, under the Plan tab there is a Learning Center, which offers a series of free investing and personal finance courses such as Intro to Retirement Planning and Understanding Credit Scores. Next to each course there is a bar that shows how much of the course you have completed. Under the Save tab, offers the SavingsChallenge to encourage you to save: Set a goal, create a plan and track it on

This site compiles relevant financial information for consumers and is a beneficial resource for education. If you register for the site, you can create your own portfolios and savings challenge for free.



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