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Debt Free App for Android

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An Android app for determining the best debt solution.

In January, National Debt Relief, a debt settlement company, released its free Android Debt Free App, providing a mobile solution for debt settlement. The app scales down many of the features found at National Debt Relief’s website. With the app, users can learn about different forms of debt relief, such as debt consolidation loans, credit counseling and debt settlement.

You start by selecting how much unsecured debt you have. From there you can see how to best pay off each amount of debt and get a better handle on your finances.

You can find information about debt consolidation loans, nonprofit consumer credit counseling, debt management plans, debt snowball, debt settlement and even bankruptcy. You will find pros and cons of each debt relief method and how long you can expect to complete each debt consolidation plan. You will also find out how debt relief affects your credit score and how that should factor into your decision.

Beyond providing information about debt settlement and relief, the app’s budgeting feature offers information on creating personal budgets that help you avoid taking on excessive amounts of debt.

Debt Free App for Android



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