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Desktop Ticker

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Desktop Ticker is a simple and efficient tool for investors, allowing you to have a scrolling news feed and stock updates that you can place anywhere on your computer screen.

The difference between this ticker and other ticker downloads is that it displays actual news headlines. This is in contrast to tickers such as CoolTick Stock Ticker, where you have to click on a stock to take you to another page with news and details. This is a great way to stay up-to-date with the news without hindering your work. The user gets to pick which sites the news is drawn from. There is a wide variety of sources that can be chosen, including BBC News World, BBC News Home and Yahoo! Finance. You can add websites like Gmail, Facebook or Flickr as well as specific stock tickers in case there are certain stocks or sites you want to watch throughout the day. Desktop Ticker can synchronize with the Windows Common Feed List, which allows the RSS feeds to be shared with other applications like Internet Explorer, Windows Live Mail and Outlook. The toolbar is small and unobtrusive, leaving the user plenty of desktop space.

Under the menu, the user can change the colors of the latest news items, which makes it easier to highlight pieces of information. The menu gives you an option to choose how often the new items and recent items are updated throughout the day. There are options for which items are shown on your news feed as well as how often the feed reloads. If you only want to see changes in stock prices, there is a setting to do just that. To add a bit of customization, you can choose the color schemes for the toolbar.  If the news is moving too fast for you on the ticker, you also have the option to change the speed of the feed to cater to your specific reading needs. Included on the toolbar is a Help option, which explains Desktop Ticker and what each setting/button can be used for. It is simple and easy to understand.

Desktop Ticker is a basic tool that allows investors to keep up with basic news feed, markets or stock prices throughout the day. Among the advanced financial downloads that are out there, this is a more simple, yet customized approach to financial news and updates.

Desktop Ticker

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008-7

Size: 354.84K

Price: Free


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