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Doxo for iOS and Android

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Bill paying has come a long way over the last several years, but each pay period requires logging onto multiple websites to pay credit card bills, cable bills, cell phone bills and more. In recent years, services have come about that help you organize all your bills under a single umbrella, with a single login and password. One of those services is doxo, which at its heart is a digital filing cabinet where you can view all of your statements in a single place. It is also teaming up with well-known providers in order to pay your bills through doxoPay. The service is free and you can access your account online or with apps for iOS and Android. For this review, we tested out the iOS version on an iPhone 4s.

When you first install the free app, you need to set up an account, which also costs nothing. You can set up an account within the app or at the doxo website ( According to Doxo, they cover over 12,000 providers. We were able to add such providers as Chase, ComEd, AT&T wireless, Comcast, American Express, CapitalOne, State Farm, Peoples Gas, Netflix and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. Hovever, there are only a few “connected” providers that will deliver e-statements to your doxo account and allow you to pay your balance via doxoPay. In order to sign up for this feature, you provide doxo with your account information, and it will notify the provider that you wish to receive e-statements instead of paper. You will also get reminders when bills are due. Currently, the most popular connected providers are Sprint and AT&T.

From a security standpoint, doxo utilizes security technologies that meet or exceed those used by banks, brokerages and other financial institutions. Data and documents are encrypted and stored securely. When you sign up for your doxo account, you are asked to provide a security question that is asked whenever your account is accessed from an unfamiliar computer. Furthermore, you select a security image to go along with your account, which you should see whenever you log into your account. This security measure helps prevent phishing attacks.

Doxo allows you to upload documents to various providers, including PDF and image files. Using an iPhone, we were able to take pictures and upload images of statements, bills and receipts. At this point in its development, doxo serves as a digital filing cabinet, where you can view all of your statements in one place. However, the level of work involved to do so may be a turnoff for some users.

Doxo also allows you to automatically back up critical documents to your PC or to cloud providers such as Dropbox and

Overall, doxo is good for centralizing bills, financial documents and other important personal files that you can view across multiple platforms and devices. Its usefulness is limited until it teams up with more connected providers to allow users to receive e-statements and pay their accounts directly from the doxo app or website. The service itself also faces a few limitations that we hope doxo can overcome in the future. Chief among them is the inability to associate documents to people. So if you receive a medical statement for someone in your family, you cannot specifically associate it to them. Until doxo is able to add more connected providers, we don’t see it becoming overly popular for day-to-day use.

Doxo for iOS and Android





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