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Dream Calculator

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Dream Calculator is a financial spreadsheet created by Perfico Inc., a nonprofit company specializing in low-cost personal financial planning tools. Dream Calculator was first added to the Download Library in August of 2005. The program is particularly useful for investors who want financial planning help but who want to avoid larger, more sophisticated programs that may take some time to learn.

Begin by filling out a questionnaire on some personal information such as retirement age, retirement income and life expectancy for you and your spouse. The program will then need answers to risk tolerance questions such as how secure your income is, whether you expect major changes in lifestyle, and whether most of your financial goals are due in 10 years or longer. After completing the questionnaires, enter your assets and liabilities in the financial information tab.

When you are through inputting the relevant information, Dream Calculator will provide your current asset allocation and suggested asset allocation. It also offers a balance sheet tab that presents your assets and liabilities and calculates your net worth. You are also able to enter a value and time frame for your goals in the financial goals tab. The program will show whether you will be able to reach each of these goals based on your assets at the given time. There is also a chart of your net worth, taking into account future expenses.

Although Dream Calculator is no longer the most sophisticated financial planning program available, it still offers value to investors looking for a quick financial planning tool instead of a larger, more difficult-to-use software program.


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