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EasyMoney for Android

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EasyMoney, from Handy Apps, is an Android-based personal finance manager that combines an expense tracker, bill reminder, checkbook register and budget planner into a single app. The app costs $9.95 from Android Market.


When you start using EasyMoney you set up any one of a number of different account types—cash account, credit accounts and bank accounts. The app supports the import of transaction files in .CSV format. However, the formatting you need to do in a spreadsheet program probably demands more effort than most people want to put forth.

Like any personal finance manager, EasyMoney’s usefulness is directly tied to how good you are at entering transactions. The more information you provide, the better the app is at tracking your expenses and providing budget planning. As you enter transactions, you assign them to related categories (the app comes with predefined categories and allows you to create your own). For recurring transactions, the app automatically assigns previously used categories to save you from having to re-enter them each time. The app also supports split transactions, which allows you to split a transaction into multiple spending/income categories to more accurately track your income and expenses. There is also a Home Screen widget for the app that allows you to enter transactions directly from your device’s home page instead of having to open the app.

With the app’s monthly budgets, you can monitor your overall spending as well as how much you are spending on individual categories via EasyMoney’s color-coded budget health bars.

To stay on top of your bills, EasyMoney allows you to set up notifications for upcoming and overdue bills, both for one-time payments and recurring bills.

Another useful feature EasyMoney offers, which is probably especially useful for business travelers, it the ability to photograph bills and receipts.


EasyMoney is one of the highest-rated personal finance managers for the Android, and for good reason. The app is a highly detailed means of tracking your personal finances. The key is to enter your transactions in a timely manner, as well as to take the time to categorize each transaction. If you are able to do this, EasyMoney provides a detailed view of how you spend your money.

EasyMoney for Android

Handy Apps



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