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Equity Evaluator 6.5.0

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Equity Evaluator is an affordable, Windows-based stock analysis program developed by Net Equities LLC. It is capable of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, stock screening and more. By default, the program uses free end-of-day data providers such as Yahoo!, but users can use fee-based data providers such as Reuters if they have access to such a service.

To get the most out of the program, users first have to populate the database with historical price data dating back two, five, 10 or 20 years for each ticker symbol in the database (an exchange list provided or your own list of stocks). Since this is a lot of data, users can expect populating the database to take a while; however, Equity Evaluator seems to take longer than most other programs, even with a strong Internet connection. Moreover, the populated database does not contain fundamental data; rather, users have to perform daily updates to access this information.

Though the program can be slow and unresponsive at times, it has many useful features. For instance, users can not only screen stocks using their own conditions, they can also create their own buy and sell signals and have the program tell them when they should think about selling one of their holdings.

Other useful features include email alerts for when a stock hits a certain price and the ability to export information to an Excel spreadsheet. Users should keep in mind that time-sensitive information, such as price alerts, is dependent on the program being up-to-date with real-time data. Therefore, users might want to use a website or their broker for these services.

The window feature is invaluable because it allows users to view multiple windows within the program at the same time, allowing them to view a variety of information in one place rather than flipping back and forth between tabs. However, features that require extensive data population, such as Stock Selector and Extended Fundamentals, may freeze and crash the program if they are run at the same time.

If a user would like to view information that is not available through the program, they can use the program’s built-in Web browser and shortcuts to find it. For instance, if an investor would like to know about any upcoming and potentially market-moving reports, he or she can go to the View tab and select Economic Calendar. This will open the program’s Web browser to Yahoo! Finance’s Economic Calendar. The same can be done for any of the options in the View tab.

Equity Evaluator is an affordable analysis program with a lot of potential. If the program was faster and more responsive, it would be worth the price. As it is, as a complete equity evaluation tool, Equity Evaluator may be more of a hassle than a benefit.

Equity Evaluator 6.5.0

System Requirements: Windows OS, Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater, Pentium II processor (300 MHz) or better.

Size: 128MB

Price: $39 (one-time cost with free updates); free 30-day trial


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