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Evernote for Android

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If you are like us, you don’t venture very far without your phone. If you are disorganized as we can be, heaven help you! For that reason we are compulsive list makers. Luckily, there are a number of productivity apps that attempt to organize our lives. One of them is Evernote, which is actually a cross-platform, note-taking and synchronizing application. It is available as a free app for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS, and Windows Mobile. Recently, however, Evernote for Android went through a significant overhaul.

The new Android app features a home screen where you can create a new note or browse existing ones by notebook (a collection of notes), tags or places. Evernote lets you keep track of virtually everything, from written lists to photos and audio files. While traveling for business, you can take photos of receipts to turn into your accounting department as well as of business cards. We use Evernote the most to keep track of to-do lists; you can create bulleted, numbered or check-off lists for anything you can think of. It is especially useful for keeping track of grocery, shopping and packing lists.

With your phone’s or tablet’s built-in microphone, you can even record meetings or lectures to listen to later. Evernote also has the ability to convert speech to text. And with the “Skitch” function, you can draw images to annotate notes or illustrate ideas.

As mentioned earlier, Evernote allows you to sync your information across devices and platforms—including the Web, Window PCs and Macs. We installed Evernote on our iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, Windows desktop and laptop, so we are always able to keep track of or and edit our lists. You can send notes via email to your Evernote account, or share notes via Facebook and Twitter.

We are amazed by the ways in which we use Evernote on a daily basis. It is one of the few apps, outside of Facebook and Twitter, that we think we would be lost without. For this reason, Evernote is at the top of our list of productivity apps.

Evernote for Android

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