Wayne A. Thorp, CFA is a vice president and the senior financial analyst at AAII and former editor of Computerized Investing. Follow him on Twitter at @WayneTAAII.


Peter Asprey from WA posted over 2 years ago:

Another great article, Wayne. But removing the MDI (the ability to open many spreadsheets and have only one ribbon/toolbar is a great loss to me. I also use multiple monitors, but found I could ALWAYS open a separate copy of Excel if I needed it. What we lost is the ability to size and put lots of spreadsheets together. AND, it is MUCH slower to copy paste, and even open lots of spreadsheets. At the least, they could have left it an option.

Other than that, everything you wrote about makes great sense. I prefer the subscription model; it keeps everything up to date and five copies for the price of one ($99 a year for me) is a great deal! Hope it stays that way.

A note about Win 8. I HATED it at first...until I found out how to keep the good stuff and turn off the touch screen stuff. MS SHOULD have a button to do that! Still, there are some great features. Particularly the search feature in "charms." I can FINALLY find anything and everything quickly in my jumble. I've almost stopped using the icons on the desktop at all...

Finally, SkyDrive has become valuable to me to, but for a different reason. I have a blog that often references spreadsheets, especially those that use "Filters." Now my readers, no matter what the platform or browser (within reason) can open the spreadsheet in their browser, and set the filter conditions. MUCH better than downloading spreadsheets when someone is "quick looking." You can look at one of these here if you're curious: http://www.sundognorth.com/TtP-S/?p=3468

Again, I appreciate your well written and researched articles! Another dividend from my lifetime membership.

Pete Asprey
Bellingham, WA

Nelson Rodriguez from al posted over 2 years ago:

Great article Wayne, describes very well what Office 365 is all about. I also like the subscription terms and price.

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