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Family Budget Planner

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Family Budget Planner is an Excel spreadsheet aimed at helping you create a yearly family budget. The spreadsheet is designed to track your budget monthly, quarterly and annually. It is simple to use and requires very little setup.

The first tab allows users to input starting balances for cash, credit cards, current account (checking account) and savings account, along with monthly estimated and actual income. The bottom table presents the difference between the actual and estimated amounts.

Each of the next four tabs represents a quarter. The numerical cell at the top-left shows the balance carried. For the first quarter, the balance carried would be the asset accounts entered in the income tab less the liability accounts. Income is broken down in the next two tables, which are automatically populated based on the inputs from the first tab. The expense tables are below the income tables. You can adjust the estimated and actual expenses for each month of the quarter. In addition, expenses are broken down into categories including, but not limited to, housing, transportation, insurance, daily living, children, entertainment, family care and pets. As you adjust your actual expenses, the spreadsheet will track the differences in each.

As you move on to the next quarterly tabs, the balance at the top-left will be updated. The format of the expenses remains the same, and the spreadsheet will utilize the income and expenses for the quarter to keep the quarterly balance current.

The spending total tab provides an aggregate of your yearly spending in tabular format and as bar and pie charts. Both actual and estimate figures are presented, as well as the difference between the two. The final tab lists your yearly results, including total income and spending, and shows whether you have saved money during the year.

Family Budget Planner is designed to run in Microsoft Excel. If you are running a Mac, you need to be able to open and edit XLS files in order to use the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is provided free of charge.

Family Budget Planner

System Requirements: Ability to read and edit XLS (Microsoft Excel) files

Price: Free


Dave from ID posted over 6 years ago:

when I click on the link to download, it says it can't be found

Alan Salls from CA posted over 6 years ago:

Same here!

David from MN posted over 6 years ago:

I had the same problem. There is a link on the right side of that page for the same Family Budget Planner. That link is correct.

Thomas from KS posted over 6 years ago:


Richard from CA posted over 6 years ago:

Using the "infinite number of monkeys" keystroke technique, I finally opened the Planner. A random combination of luck and patience.

John from NC posted over 6 years ago:

Seems to be working fine now... no extra strokes required.

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