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CNBC Real-Time for iPad

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The only free iPad app currently offering real-time stock quotes from the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges before, during and after market hours.

Over the last several months we have reviewed numerous apps for the iPad and iPhone that offer portfolio tracking and streaming stock quotes. Until now, there has been a trade-off between paying for an app providing real-time quotes or using a free app with delayed market quotes. However, this is no longer the case. CNBC’s new iPad app gives users access to live, real-time stock quotes from both the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Marketplace.

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Bruce from FL posted over 7 years ago:

Thanks for the suggestion.

Carlton from CA posted over 7 years ago:

Discussion Great, but for now I think I'll get a iPad for now and
list my stocks per your "CNBC Real - Time for iPad." Thanx

David from FL posted over 7 years ago:

Waiting for new i pad launch.

This will be a great advantage

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