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Financial Board Central

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Financial Board Central is a superb website designed to aggregate stock news and information in one area to save investors time and effort. The site covers some of the largest investment websites, such as Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance, in real-time and provides users with breaking news and analysis. The site brings together content from message boards and tweets and creates “BuZZ” indexes highlighting the most searched and discussed stocks in social media. According to the Financial Board Central website, the “BuZZ” indexes are designed to show investors which stocks are currently generating significant interest in order to help investors identify the stocks that are most attention-worthy.

There are several sections of the site that are worth mentioning. First, the Web BuZZ area lists the stocks that are currently being written about on the largest financial sites, including CNBC, MarketWatch, and Seeking Alpha. The list is sorted and analyzed, and the stocks at the top of the list are the ones being written about the most. The website also compares each stock’s current ranking with its ranking at the same time on the previous day, which gives users a good idea as to whether the news is actually new. Certain companies, such as Apple, will consistently place near the top of the list. Looking at a stock’s current rank in comparison with its rank on the previous day gives users a better idea as to whether news about the stock is really significant or the stock is just regularly followed by a large number of investors.

Similar to the Web BuZZ area, StockTalk is a real-time list of companies that are appearing on message boards and in news articles at major investing websites such as Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, Raging Bull and Kiplinger, as well as on Twitter. The StockTalk summary page provides daily and weekly details on top stock searches, most discussed stocks, and most tweeted stocks.

In addition, Financial Board Central also provides separate sections for over-the-counter stocks, exchange-traded funds and forex. These sections display the latest news, commentary and tweets.

The right-hand side of the website’s main page offers a few charts showing the top over-the-counter searches, high-Twitter-activity stocks and top Web BuZZ stocks. Furthermore, you can sign up for RSS feeds to get up-to-the-minute alerts. The website also allows you to search message boards, tweets and social profiles for a ticker symbol. Financial Board Central is provided for free, and if you have a Twitter account, you are able to post tweets directly onto the site.


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