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Glary Utilities

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Glarysoft’s Glary Utilities is a free all-in-one Windows PC cleaner that offers more than 20 tools to maximize a computer’s performance and speed. Its features encompass a variety of tasks including removing junk files, cleaning temporary files, fixing broken shortcuts and more. Glary Utilities combines a range of tools in one download and can resolve most of your computer’s issues.

Upon opening Glary Utilities, its window displays different tabs that include Status, 1-Click Maintenance and Module. 1-Click Maintenance is one of Glary Utilities’ highlighted features because it allows you to choose specific processes that you want to run on a regular basis; these processes, such as spyware remover and temporary files cleaner, can be run with a single click.

In the Modules tab, you can choose to run more specific tools under headings like Optimize & Improve, Privacy & Security and Clean & Repair. Clicking Privacy & Security gives you the option to shred files, undelete files, decrypt files and more. Other tools in Modules include memory optimizer and file recovery. After choosing which tools to use, Glary Utilities scans the computer and provides a summary of its findings; after viewing the summary, press Repair Problems and it will do just that.

Glary Utilities is a useful and easy-to-use download that will help unclog your computer and in turn increase its speed and performance. There are similar programs to this one, but Glary Utilities is unique in that it encompasses many different features in one download. There is a pro version available as well, which includes added features such as scheduled 1-click maintenance scans and free technical support.

Glarysoft Ltd.

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

Size: 8.58MB

Price: Free; Glary Utilities Pro $39.95


Barry Laird from IN posted over 5 years ago:

Won't Run. Setup Files are corrupted!

David Gibson from MA posted over 5 years ago:

Same happened to me!

Philip Su from NY posted over 5 years ago:

Setup Files are corrupted!
can someone fix this problem, please

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