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Grant Henning’s Fundamental-Value Stock Trading System

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by Wayne A. Thorp

This is the second in a series of three articles outlining the stock trading models described in Grant Henning’s book “The Value and Momentum Trader.” The first article on Henning’s technical-momentum trading model was the August 2010 CI Online Exclusive, available online at

tabl In the August CI Online Exclusive, we introduced the first of Grant Henning’s stock trading models—a technical-momentum approach. For Henning, the mathematical ranking of stocks he devised for the technical-momentum approach minimizes the emotion often associated with selecting stocks. However, Henning discovered that there are times when value stocks with strong earnings outperform technical-momentum stocks. Being the pragmatist he is, Henning developed a fundamental-value system for selecting stocks that would capitalize on such market conditions. In this article, we outline Henning’s fundamental-value model.

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