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HD 12c financial calculator

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Anyone in the financial field is probably familiar with the HP 12c financial calculator. According to Wikipedia, this is HP’s longest and best-selling product and was introduced in 1981. The HD 12c app for Android is considerably cheaper than the HP 12c ($4.88 versus $69.99 from HP), yet it fully implements all of the functionality and formulas of the HP 12c calculator.


As mentioned, the HD 12c app offers all of the features you will find with the physical HP 12c calculator. For business and finance features, the app employs time value of money, amortization, bond prices and yield to maturity, register-based cash flows for calculation of net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR), memory for cash flows, various depreciation modes, and percentage change calculations.

For statistical functions, the calculator includes over 100 pre-formed functions, statistical analysis, standard deviation, linear regression, and forecasting by method of correlation coefficient.

Mathematical functions include power, square root, natural logarithm and exponential, fractional, integer, reciprocal, and factorial.

The keystrokes exactly mimic those of the actual calculator, so anyone who is familiar with the Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) used with the 12c calculator will be right at home with this app.

The app provides a number of additional features not available with the HP 12c calculator, including X, Y, Z and T register values displayed right on the screen; the ability to save and load values from an SD card; and landscape or portrait orientation. One especially nice feature is the help screen. When you hold a key for a couple of seconds, a help screen appears explaining the key’s use.


Since it is rare for many of us to go anywhere without a tablet these days, it is nice to have an app that allows us to perform advanced financial calculations without having to bring along an HP 12c calculator. The creators of the HD 12c app have done an excellent job of creating a virtual calculator that exactly captures the functionality of the physical calculator. At $4.88, the HD 12c financial calculator app is also well worth the cost.

HD 12c financial calculator

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