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James from LA posted over 5 years ago:

The article is of little use. Most of the instructions for finding the data aren't relevant. This could be due to changes in the website or the requirement to join a site before gaining information access.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the information detailed in the article. The Yahoo site most closely resembled the article description. Some of the sites don't even have the information listed.

My time is limited and valuable. I would expect an author to provide quality reports rather than "filler" information. This was a disappointment and a waste of time.

Jerry from AZ posted over 5 years ago:

Thank you for the data sources on industry and sectors. Are there articles/websites that educate one on the industry and sector rotation?

George Danielson from FL posted about 1 year ago:

I was hoping for a listing of sectors and a listing of stocks within that sector. In your analysis of where a specific stock stands (in other sections of your web site)ie 7 0ut 0f 20 for example a convient listing the 20 would be useful for comparison.

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