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| | | Add your comment! | A A   Reset is a financial website that has become increasingly expansive over the past several years. Originally, the website was designed as a resource for students and educational professionals, housing investment formulas and a complete dictionary of terms. The website now has the look of a comprehensive investment website, with news articles and fundamental stock data.

The main strength of lies in its investment dictionary and educational offerings. The Dictionary dropdown menu offers links to several categories, including bonds, mutual funds, retirement, stocks and technical analysis. You can enter a term into the search field or view an alphabetized list.’s dictionary database is one of the most comprehensive and widely read on the Internet, as is evidenced by the fact that when you Google a financial term, one of the first website listings will undoubtedly be a link to

A bevy of financial calculators is also available on The future value calculator does a simple compound interest calculation based on inputs for interest, number of periods and present value. Furthermore, users can calculate yield-to-maturity, current yield and duration on bonds.

The tutorials section of offers educational articles for beginning investors, experienced investors, active traders and investors in retirement. For beginning investors, there are articles explaining the fundamentals of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement planning, economics and real estate. Additionally, articles will delve into financial ratios, index investing, reading financial tables and initial public offerings (IPOs). More advanced articles cover advanced bond analysis, short selling, options, futures, buying on margin and the forex market. Furthermore, the website provides information on mergers and acquisitions, moving averages, and detecting market strength.

New pages on forex and the markets have recently been added. The forex homepage offers live rates and headlines on major currency pairs from around the globe. Furthermore, a calendar of world economic events is provided. The markets page presents a summary of the performances of major market indexes. Headlines are sorted here by sector.

Although has become more comprehensive over the years, reaching out to a broader audience, it remains a particularly strong resource for financial education. The dictionary database is still one of the best available. Best of all, everything offered at is free of charge.


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