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| | | COMMENTS (1) | A A   Reset is a free, yet incredibly useful, one-stop shop for most of the individual investor’s basic financial needs. The website will help with everything from researching stock investments to planning a tax strategy. InvestorGuide is a great educational tool, but it is not limited to basic investing concepts and theories. It also provides current and continually updated information, such as current news related to an investment, videos and articles about current events and investing strategies. InvestorGuide also offers a wealth of information about stocks, mutual funds, forex, options, and more.

The website does not require registration, so users can get started right away by browsing through the tabs or by entering a ticker, company name, or keyword into the search bar. For instance, entering MSFT will show nearly everything about Microsoft, from the stock’s investor sentiment to analyst ratings and news. The website’s charting feature is also quite good for a free service, allowing users to add multiple tickers for comparison and a variety of indicators.

If you are new to investing or would like to communicate with other investors, InvestorGuide’s Social Trading tab is worth a visit. Traders and investors can connect in an effort to improve their skills, ask questions, or find investors with a strong track record to follow.

The website’s Personal Finance section is perfect for those who are interested in learning more about anything from retirement and estate planning to insurance and budgeting. This is where users can go for help regarding IRS audits, reading credit reports, learning how to create a family budget, and much more.

Imagine an investor reading about a potential acquisition in the website’s News tab and coming across the unfamiliar terms “two-tier tender offer” and “hostile takeover.” The investor need not go further than the InvestorGuide’s Glossary tab to find what these terms mean. The Glossary tab also allows users to browse by subject. For example, by first browsing through the technical analysis glossary, an investor can quickly determine if he or she would be interested in a concept such as Elliot Wave Theory before learning more about it.

InvestorGuide’s Tool tab is a valuable feature for novice investors as it is intended guide them through the process of finding, researching and selecting investments. Though this is feature is only in the beta phase, it is already quite comprehensive. Perhaps best of all, users are not limited to the website itself for their education on the basics of investing; rather InvestorGuide provides an abundance of links to other services that investors can use in every step. For instance, under Stock Screens in Step 2, InvestorGuide explains what stock screens are and how they can be used and provides a list of screening services, such as Yahoo! Finance Stock Screener and Morningstar.

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A from IL posted over 5 years ago: seems to be VERY out of date. it doesn't recognize MSI [Motorola Solutions, Inc]

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