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Investors Calculator

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The Investors Calculator by Odlum Software was first added to AAII’s Download Library in April of 2002. The program was designed to help investors with common investment calculations, and it includes a simple portfolio management section. The calculator is still very useful, but there are many more advanced portfolio management systems available now. The following paragraphs provide a quick recap of the calculator’s features.

Each calculation offered by the Investors Calculator is located on a separate tab. The retired income tab shows the value of your portfolio based on your inputs for starting value, interest growth rate and annual income withdrawn. The compound gain tab calculates the percentage annual return needed for an investment to grow to a target size over a given number of years. Capital required is similar, providing the amount of annual savings necessary to meet a certain portfolio value in a given number of years.

Mortgage tables is a particularly useful tab. This section offers figures on monthly principal and interest payments, as well as total interest paid for a mortgage of a certain size, interest rate and amortization period. Additionally, this tab shows the difference of an accelerated mortgage making more frequent payments, highlighting the interest saved.

The pension growth tab allows users to enter current salary, current balance, annual contribution rate, company contribution rate, estimated annual salary increases, interest rate, inflation rate, and years until retirement and produces a table outlining future income and pension value. Invested growth, the final section, is similar to pension growth; however, it offers a separate selection for frequency of contribution.

Although Investors Calculator costs $15, the trial period is unlimited. A window pops up urging you to buy, but no functionalities are disabled in the trial version.

Investors Calculator

System Requirements: Windows Operating System, 2.1MB free disk space

Price: $15.00; unlimited trial


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