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| | | Add your comment! | A A   Reset is one of the premier financial glossary websites on the Internet. The website is operated by WebFinance Inc., a company that provides educational resources for a wide range of subjects. According to the website, provides definitions on over 15,000 terms, and new terms are added frequently.

On InvestorWord’s home page, a new term and tip are provided daily. There is also an explanation of the 10 major economic reports that should be important for most investors. The section offers explanations of popular economic reports, including jobless claims, consumer price index, producer price index and the Beige Book. These economic reports can help you understand the strength of the current economy. Browsing by popular term or subject is also offered on the right-hand side of the home page.

Other than investor-related word definitions, the website provides several other useful sections. There are a wide variety of videos available in the Videos section. Video categories include business tips, career coaching, economy, investing, and personal finance, just to name a few. In addition, the website provides a Tips section. The highest rated tips include “6 Ideal Conditions of Buying a Stock” and “The 3 Most Timeless Investment Principles.” also offers tips from famous investors such as Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. A new stock research section is available that provides stock quotes and charts, company profiles, historical prices and company news.

Lastly, the website provides an area for questions and user responses. Questions posted all receive a good number of views but unfortunately, most of them remained unanswered.

The website links to several other websites provided by its parent company, WebFinance Inc. Two of the websites linked are especially relevant: and These websites offer definitions of common economics and business terms, respectively, and their site layouts are essentially the same as the layout of

All of these websites are available free of charge.


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