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No Changes in CI Market Dashboard, Stays at All-Time Bearish Level
posted 21 hours ago by Wayne Thorp

New iPhone 6, Without the Wait
posted 5 days ago by Wayne Thorp

Bearish Sentiment Hits 7-Week High
posted 5 days ago by Wayne Thorp

Market Dashboard Most Bearish Since Inception
posted 5 days ago by Wayne Thorp

TipRanks Launches Website
posted 11 days ago by Jaclyn McClellan

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by CI Staff highlights financial products for investors. Its user reviews and forums for discussion are a great way to filter through the numerous products on the market and discover ones that will prove the most beneficial to you. In addition, registered users are encouraged to post product reviews, giving you an outlet for your own opinions.

The interesting twist on the website is that Investimonials offers incentives for participation; the more you participate, the more ivBucks you earn, which is “money” you can then spend toward a number of financial products. Rewards and special discounts can be earned as well. Investimonials also can be tracked using RSS Feed, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Accounts are free to create.

On the home page, a list of recent reviews and popular discussions of financial products and websites is displayed. Different categories are offered such as brokers, websites, blogs, banks and more. Once you’re in a specific category, more category breakdowns are offered. A search bar lets the user search the site for any website or product they are eager to learn about.

Once you register for the site, it asks a little bit about you and your investing behavior. You can add a picture or an “about me” section so other users can get a better idea of who you are. You can also customize which types of products or reviews you’re interested in, and the website will automatically display newly added items that interest you on your home page.

The website provides a different and thorough perspective of financial websites and products based on user reviews and discussions.



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