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iVolatility Lite for Android and iOS

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Mobile options data analysis application.

Regular readers of this column know that, while there are a number of finance and investing apps available for smartphones and tablets, the vast majority are personal financial managers, or PFMs. Every once in awhile we come across an interesting investment analysis app that isn't a PFM and we are glad to cover it. This week, we highlight iVolatility Lite, a free mobile options data analysis application that is available for both iOS and Android from the people behind the website.

After installing the app on your iOS or Android device, you must register at to get access to the app (registration is free). A link within the app takes you to the website where you register. The site then emails you a link from which you can establish your own personal password for the site. Once you have this information, you can log into the app.

The app is divided into two screens: Options Desk and Charts. The Options Desk screen offers intraday equity prices and volume, along with options chains for at-the-money strike prices for all expirations. Options data provided includes options quotes and volume, open interest, bid & ask with size, along with implied volatility and relevant Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Rho and Theo). The app tracks all optionable U.S. symbols, including indexes, stocks, exchange-traded funds and volatility indexes. In all there are roughly 3,700 optionable names and around 2,000 non-optionable names. Quotes, implied volatility and Greeks data are available with a 20-minute delay.

You can create a personalized watchlist by adding symbols to the Charts screen. Here you can monitor the price and volume as well as the implied volatility index (IVX) and intraday historical volatility (HV). The symbol lookup on the Charts screen includes the 1,000-most active U.S. symbols. Your watchlist on the Charts screen can be sorted by symbol (ticker), data type (price, IVX or HV), last value, close value, change and percent change. Double-tapping a symbol on this list will open a detailed intraday chart. Holding your device in the horizontal position will enlarge the chart and gives you additional settings, including chart type (line, candle or bar), candlestick periods from one minute to one month and zoom data.

iVolatility Lite for Android and iOS


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