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J3 Information Services Group

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The J3 Information Services Group website is designed to track and report timely information regarding insider activity on over 10,000 companies. The website pulls its data directly from the SEC and has functions in place that check for data accuracy and anomalies before figures are posted. The data is pulled and posted with a three- to five-minute delay.

Insiders are defined as company officers, directors and any beneficial owners of more than 10% of a class of the company’s equity securities. Investors believe that insider buying tends to be a good sign for a firm. It suggests that people with knowledge of a firm’s inner workings believe its stock is too cheap, or that the company’s outlook is better than perceived by the general investment community. The J3 Information Services Group website also provides institutional ownership data by sector and market capitalization. Often there is a correlation between large institutional buying and selling and a stock’s prices.

Insider charts offered by the website are updated nightly and present a graphic representation of insider activity during six-, 12- and 24-month time frames. Green circles represent insider buys and red squares represent insider sells. Institutional charts provide data for each filing period that may be relevant to the stock price. The total number of institutions that hold the company and the net change, percentage of shares held by institutions, and price change since the last quarterly filing are all presented. The company summary report indicates the total shares bought and sold by insiders, number of insiders buying and selling, and total transactions by insiders for the past three-, six-, 12- and 24-month periods. You are also able to create alerts for insider and institutional actions that will be sent to you via email.

Premium membership allows for screening capabilities. You are able to screen based on sectors or profits returned. A company screen is also provided that allows users to screen for number of buying transactions within an adjustable time frame, price change from last quarter’s average price, and money flow into and out of the company. The peer screen, the last screen offered, allows users to set certain buying and selling criteria and then match institutional holdings against those criteria. You can also view stocks that investment managers hold the most.

Most of the data provided by J3 Informational Services Group is free. Screening capabilities cost $15 per month.

Price: Free; $15 per month for Premium.


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