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Computerized Investing > August 13, 2011

J&L Financial Planner

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by CI Staff

J&L Financial Planner

J&L Financial Planner was first added to the download library in July of 2006. The current version has been updated and works for all Windows operating systems, including Windows 7 Ultimate.

J&L Financial Planner is a tool that allows you to create financial scenarios based on events throughout your life. The output, which can be presented with bar, line and pie charts, shows yearly effects of all your asset and liability accounts.

According to the company’s website, J&L Financial Planner will assist you in developing a savings strategy for your retirement, analyzing your future investment risk using Monte Carlo and Historical Return analysis, and developing a savings strategy for future cash outflows (such as college funding), not to mention a wide range of other functions.

Click here to download.

System Requirements: Windows operating system

Price: 21-day free trial; $79.95 for Regular Version; $99.95 for Retirement Version; $139.95 for Professional Version


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