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Just Checking

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Just Checking is an easy-to-use program that is designed to help you manage checking accounts. The interface resembles that of a checkbook, so learning the program should be pain-free.

Begin by creating an account. You will notice that the main page lists the date of each transaction, payment type, checking number, payee, memo, amount, balance and date cleared. There are several ways to add new transactions. Users may press insert on the keyboard, click on the Add button on the top toolbar, right-click on the register and choose Add, or select Add from the Tools menu. Fill out all the relevant information and the program will store your transaction.

At the bottom of the program, three totals are listed—beginning, actual and bank. “Beginning” shows your beginning balance for the period, “actual” is the amount in your checkbook, and “bank total” is the difference between your cleared income and cleared expense transactions. When each transaction has cleared your bank account, be sure to mark the transaction cleared. If all transactions are marked as cleared, your actual and bank totals should be identical.

There are several reports that the program can generate and print. To open the available reports, click on the print icon. You are able to print expense and income reports, as well as checkbook register reports, which include all the information shown on the main page.

The program allows you to set up recurring transactions by clicking on the repeat icon at the top of the main page. In the window that appears, fill out the information required, and the program will automatically update your checkbook to include the recurring items on the appropriate date. In addition, the import wizard allows users to import transactions from QIF, OFC, JCK and JC3 files. Unfortunately, you are not able to import transactions from CSV files.

The program comes with a detailed help section that can assist users in getting started. A trial version is available, and it costs $14.95 to purchase the full program.

Just Checking

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista and 7

File Size: 3.93MB

Version: 3.19

Price: $14.95; free download (limited functionality)


Matthew from NY posted over 6 years ago:

Couldn't your mail include System Requirements for programs you recommend? Symbols would suffice.
I'd prefer to know at a glance if the program only runs on Windows.

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