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MarketDelta Heat Map for iPad

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Chicago-based MarketDelta’s Heat Map app offers a quick and easy way to scan for symbols that are outperforming or underperforming their peers. The app’s heat maps let you visualize the stocks or ETFs of a given category in order of percentage returns, with different colors and shadings representing the quality and degree of performance. The app costs $4.99 and is available from the Apple App Store.

Heat Maps

Heat Map currently has 10 different heat maps, with plans for more in the future. For stocks, there are maps that cover several indexes—the S&P 500, the Dow Jones industrial average, and the NASDAQ 100. The remaining maps cover ETFs: WorldMap (country ETFs), CommodityMap, EnergyMap, SectorMap, MetalMap, Most Popular ETFs and Sector SPDRs. Within the SectorSPDRs, you choose from one of the nine S&P sectors—consumer, staples, energy, financials, health, industrial, materials, tech or utilities—and you are given the map for the underlying stocks in that sector.

After you choose the index or ETF category you wish to plot, you then have the option of choosing the type of heat map you want for that group of symbols. You can choose the current day, 52-week high or low, or 50- or 200-day moving average. So, for example, the 50-day average map orders the stocks or ETFs in the chosen category in relation to how each is performing relative to its 50-day moving average. Likewise, the 52-week high and low maps order symbols based on their current price’s relation to its 52-week high or low, respectively. When looking at the 52-week high heat map, symbols that are in green are hitting new highs.

Stock/ETF Data

When looking at a heat map, you can touch a symbol to access specific information about that stock or ETF. This includes current price, day’s change and volume, average volume, 52-week high and low, market cap, and 50- and 200-day moving average values. Our only complaint about the app is that you have to hold down on a symbol in order to view this information. We were not able to find a way to “freeze” this data on the screen.

Data used by Heat Map comes from Yahoo! Finance and is delayed 15 minutes during the trading day.


The MarketDelta Heat Map allows users to instantly visualize how a category of stocks or ETFs is performing relative to its peers. With the different types of maps from which to choose, you can view performance over a variety of time periods. Furthermore, the app is extremely intuitive and easy to use. All of this makes the $4.99 price very reasonable, in our opinion.

Heat Map for iPad



Frank from TX posted over 6 years ago:

I have a Kindle Fire.
Does the Heat Map App work on this machine?

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