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MarketInOut is a customizable online stock screener for both traders and investors at any level of experience. The website allows users to screen stocks using a comprehensive array of metrics, whether fundamental or technical, and backtest their criteria to see what the results would have been had an investor acted on these screens in the past. MarketInOut is a great screening service, but it has a heavy emphasis on active trading, as the majority of its criteria involve technical analysis. Given its quite steep price, the service may be more valuable to active traders, since the technical screens are its only really distinctive feature. For longer-term investors, there are many other programs and services that have a stronger focus on the fundamentals and are of better value.

MarketInOut appears to be a free service when using it at first. However, after performing a few screens, users are asked to subscribe to the website. Refer to the bottom of this article for more details regarding pricing.

The Education section of the website is great for investors who would like to trade more, expand on their arsenal of analysis tools, or test the viability of various technical methods. This section is essentially an online version of “Technical Analysis from A to Z” by Steven Achelis (McGraw-Hill, 2000), which is a concise reference on a vast array of technical indicators and line studies for investors who are new to technical analysis. What makes the online version different from the book is that, for some of the indicators, MarketInOut provides direct links to screening criteria that uses the indicators. For instance, after reading about the MACD indicator, users can go to the bottom of the page and backtest any of the MACD screening criteria offered on the website to see how well it would have worked had it been applied in the past.

In addition to stock screening, MarketInOut works with exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Forex currency pairs, and metals. Subscribing users can also set up a price or trade alert, which alerts the user if a security hits the set price signal or one of the many trade signals offered on the website.

Another interesting feature worth mentioning is the Investing category, where users can view certain preset screens, their performance, and their criteria. For instance, the section on value investing provides three screening tabs: Super Value Stocks, Warren Buffett Screen, and Benjamin Graham Screen. Given that MarketInOut is focused on technical analysis (and that they misspelled Buffett’s name), one may question how well these screens match Buffett’s actual investing criteria. Nevertheless, this feature gives users an insight into criteria that they might like to consider when screening for potential investments.


Price: Free 30-day trial; $25 per month; $119 for six months with backtest feature; $199 for one year with backtest feature; $299 for two years with backtest feature


David from CA posted over 5 years ago:

i wonder if there is a future article that compares a variety of screeners. The other I use is Stockfetcher. Does anyone know the difference in the two?

Wayne from IL posted over 5 years ago:

The Third Quarter issue of CI will include our top picks for online fundamental stock screeners. Wayne A. Thorp, CFA, editor, CI

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