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Microsoft Compatibility Pack

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With the fast-pace industry of technology roaring by, it can become cumbersome (and irritating) to keep up with all program updates and new releases. The Microsoft Compatibility Pack has made it simpler for Microsoft Office users to continue using older versions of its programs, but still be able to save files that were created in the new Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. This Compatibility Pack allows you to open, edit and save documents, workbooks and presentations that were created in a newer version of Microsoft Office as well as files that use Open XML formats. The Microsoft Compatibility Pack can also be used together with Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003, Excel Viewer 2003 and PowerPoint Viewer 2003 to view files that are saved in the new file formats.

Before you install the Office Compatibility Pack, make sure that your computer has all the necessary updates, which can be located off the start menu under Windows Update. Microsoft emphasizes that depending on what version of Office you are running, you must have Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3) or Office XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) installed. If you are running Office 2000, you do not have to install any updates.

An obvious fix to the issue would be to buy the newer versions of Microsoft, or the Microsoft Office package, but for those of us who prefer to run their systems till we can’t anymore, the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack proves to be very useful. The installation makes opening files between different versions easier and more convenient. For troubleshooting solutions, go to the Microsoft download center.


System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7

Size: 37.0 MB

Price: Free


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