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Roger Grossel from FL posted over 3 years ago:

This radio is a good option for short-range radio contact, and its submersible spec is great if you could be at risk during use. Search the Internet for cheaper prices. A cheaper alternative is the Midland GXT760 or other models, but without the submersible spec.
On FRS, channels 8-14, such radios are limited by the FCC to 0.5 watts max of transmitted power; expect ranges up to about 3 miles max, unless you have line of sight without obstructions, less than one mile with obstructions. Over the hill contact? Forget it.
For the GMRS channels the FCC allows 5 watts max transmitted power, but an FCC license that costs $85 and is good for only five years. With this power range COULD go up to 35 miles, but that is stretching it (15 is more likely), and obstructions will drastically reduce that range also.
Use of a GMRS repeater has issues: you need repeater operator permission; need GMRS license; and you the need (unpublished) repeater's "privacy code" else the repeater will not respond for you. Many operate on GMRS without a license, but they are outlaws; penalties can be severe. I hold a General radio amateur license and a GMRS license; I report violators to the FCC.

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