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mSecure Password Manager

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by CI Staff

For those who spend any time online these days, chances are very good that you have an online account. For example, the AAII website requires you to log in with a login name and password to access the member-only areas of the site. Depending on the site, the sensitivity of the data can differ. For example, you want to be sure that your online brokerage account login information is secure. Much to our IT department’s chagrin, we're sure, we have usernames and passwords for numerous websites, FTP servers and the like scrawled on pieces of paper and Post-It Notes on an office bulletin board. While none of these passwords would give anyone access to sensitive personal or financial information, there is most assuredly a better way of keeping track of this information. This is where privacy software that keeps track of account information can be useful, especially today, when so many people are traveling with mobile devices and may require information that might otherwise be on an office or home computer. Since security is always a priority for our readers, we decided to see what apps were available. Doing a search at the Apple iTunes Store and Android Market revealed dozens of them. One that comes highly rated by users is mSecure, which we have been testing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab for the last few days (an iOS app is also available, as are Windows and MacOS versions).

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