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NetStock 1.81

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NetStock is a free program that tracks stock data from sources like Yahoo! Finance or PC Quote. It is a simple download that displays indexes, stocks and mutual funds that users choose to follow and shows the price, change, date and time each was last updated. NetStock allows investors to keep track of their stocks and funds with a small application running on their desktop. There is a green arrow pointing up next to the security or index if it is up for the day and a red arrow pointing down if it is down for the day.

The user can track different measures, including volume, 52-week low/high, price-earnings ratio, yield, previous close and much more. Each investor may have preferences as to what numbers are important. NetStock’s customization allows information that is significant to you to be readily available in a small window. Quicken or MetaStock users can export information from NetStock to those programs.

This program can prove to be useful for investors who are not looking for a complex way to track index, stock and mutual fund prices.

SplitCycle Computing
System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7


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