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Jerry Kemp from TX posted over 3 years ago:

Where can I get charts on OBV movements like the ones above. I tried three different chart services and none of them had as good of charts.

Patricia Koenig from MN posted over 3 years ago:

This is new to my investing ideas and I am going to begin using OBV in future sstock studies. Thank you for a very helpful article.

Sally Pezza from NY posted over 3 years ago:

Think or swim, TOS, has OBV studies on both their own TOS charts and Prophet Charts. There's also a KB OBV study which identifies trends as up , doubtful , and down. Pretty interesting read Joe Granville's books. He has much info about how mkts work.

B Challburg from CA posted over 3 years ago:

I'm currently using Slow Stochastic and MACD for analysis. Might pop over to OBV to see any possible relationship or confirmation of other indicators mentioned.

John Hammerstrom from FL posted over 3 years ago:

The charting available through my Schwab brokerage account has many technical indicators, including OBV. Perhaps it is also available through your current trading account.

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 3 years ago:

Hard to read on the screenshots, but the charts in the article are from, my favorite charting service. Wayne A. Thorp, CFA, editor, Computerized Investing

Jerry Kemp from TX posted over 3 years ago:

Thanks for all the information.

Best regards...

JB Kemp

Phillip Devrou from LA posted over 2 years ago:

Perhaps CI Staff can provide a comparison of pros/cons of the various oscillators [OBV, RSI, MFI, and others]. How do they overlap and mimic each other and where do they provide new/unique look? I tend to use RSI and MFI in conjunction with MACD and Keltner channels. Am I getting a diversified look at technicals, or am I getting essentially the same information under different names? I want to avoid the same technical trap investor have when they think buying 3 different mutual funds/ETFs provides diversity only to have bought 95% of the same stocks/sectors.

Mostly I think a good comparison of oscillators would be beneficial.

Frederic Van Paten from NY posted about 1 year ago:

Another good explanation on how things work. I would like to know how Relative Strength works on a chart.

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