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Computerized Investing > November 2013

PC Buyer's Guide 2013

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by Wayne A. Thorp, CFA


Ted Nicholas from CA posted 9 months ago:

Wayne: Thanks for an in depth discussion of computers. One minor item not discussed is bluetooth. I understand it allows wireless connections between devices but have often wondered why it is so often missing in low and mid range computers. It only costs about $15-20 if ordered on a customizable computer directly from the manufacturer. Otherwise, you need to insert a usb "dongle" adapter into your computer in order to have a wireless keyboard, mouse, etc. I don't know if a single adapter will work with all wireless devices.
Do you?

Barry Jedrick from Maryland posted 9 months ago:

One additional item which would be helpful is a discussion of USB ports and different USB speeds. I have found it difficult if not impossible to determine how many USB ports a PC has and what speed they are, much less a diagram of where they are located. For those of us dinosaurs still dependent on USB ports for a mouse, keyboard, flash drives, and other devices, unless a PC has enough ports, it is useless.

Michael Paraschos from MI posted 8 months ago:

Are there any studies on power consumption over the life a of the computer comparing cost of laptops, tablets, and desktops ?

Joe Dobson from OK posted 8 months ago:

My biggest problem is dealing with changes involved with the internet. I got the System mechanic and it seems to be doing a god job so far. It does require regular checkup to correct problems.

I have AVG as a protection from anti-virus on my laptop. I have Trend anti-virus on my main computer. The trend system is a problem to be because of its unacceptability of others programs like Webroot.

I have a grandson with a computer problem now in collage. I need to set him up with computer protection program that are outstanding.

Any help with these type programs that will help extend the life of a computer system would be greatly appreciated.

JT from CA posted 8 months ago:

Thanks for all the work you put into this... Just a couple of things I was interested in but I didn't see here:

1) When comparing Intel or AMD how big is the performance difference in these chips it would be nice if you could have given some feedback on the performance difference... For instance if I'm going to use Windows 8 are any of these chips very sluggish? If I want to run my brokers platform, multiple monitors, charting software, and EXCEL(and maybe stock investor pro) which chips would and wouldn't get the job done.

2)Are there any PCs that will handle 4 monitors?

Thank you!

Karyl Magee from VA posted 4 months ago:

For those planning to use their computers for trading, and will be needing a new system, one good way to research what will be needed to handle the data loads that will be generated by active trading is to go to the websites of specialized manufacturers who deal specifically with providing professional-level trading systems to traders which get these made to order. The better sites are very willing to talk about your needs, suggest the most economical system and hardware to accomplish this, and also will give support if needed. A couple of helpful websites that I have been extensively using to plan my next new and upgraded system are www.naplestech.com and EZTrading.com. Once you figure out what you will need, you can build it yourself if tech-savvy, or you can have them do it for you "plug and play" within a couple of days.

Richard C from Texas posted 4 months ago:

Karyl offered a couple of sites. I would throw in http://www.tradingcomputers.com/. I have priced systems through them in the past. Disclosures: None. Not affiliated in the least.

Regarding operating systems... I fail to see how Windows 8 would work in a trading platform; it's a little hard to touch monitors across the desk/room in a multiple-monitor system. Stick to Windows 7 and leave Windows 8 to the tablet (IMHO).

Gary Saganski from ON posted 3 months ago:

A summary of your article would be a nice touch.

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