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Personal Finance for Android

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Personal Finance from BiShiNews is an Android app that aims to serve all of your personal finance needs. It is similar to Stock Quote, also from BiShiNews, but slightly more polished in its delivery and presentation. The app offers stock quotes, including pre-market and after-hours quotes, portfolio tracking, charts, financial news, an expense manager, a loan calculator and a 401(k) calculator. The truly remarkable thing about this app, however, is that you get all this for free.

After installing Personal Finance from Google Play, you find a very clean-looking app that is broken down into four parts—finance, portfolio, markets and news.


The finance section is further divided into various personal finance and investing functions, including expense manager, currency converter, loan calculator, and commodity futures. You can customize the items that appear on this list so you don’t have to deal with items you don’t use.

The expense manager is where you can enter income and expense items to track your spending habits. When entering in items you can categorize them, choose the method of payment and provide descriptions. You can also set up recurring income and expense items.

The rates section provides mortgage, refinance, CD and credit card rates from

The currency converter handles conversions between over 50 currencies with exchange rate data provided by Yahoo! Finance. You can also find current currency quotations and news headlines related to various international currencies.

The retirement calculator provides basic retirement savings calculations based on your current savings, monthly salary, personal and employer contributions, rate of return and year until retirement.

Lastly, the Twitter section offers Twitter newsfeeds from several media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch and Reuters.


The Personal Finance app also allows you to track your portfolio and get current quotes for stocks, ETFs, futures and currencies. You can also pull up intraday charts from Yahoo! Finance. With the portfolio, you can also enter the number of shares held or purchase price in order to track the daily movements in your portfolio.


At the markets section of the app, you can follow international equity indexes, see the biggest mover in terms of percentage gain and loss and volume, and view Treasury yields. You can also follow components of widely followed indexes, including the Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P 100 index. Within the markets section, there are also sections devoted to exchanged-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds, each of which are further divided up by sector and investment style.


Lastly, the news section delivers news headlines related to the markets and the economy. If you are interested in international headlines, you can filter headlines by choosing from any of over 60 countries. You can also access multimedia items, including podcasts and video.


Personal Finance for Android is an excellent all-in-one personal finance and investing app. Its strength lies in pulling together items from numerous sources into a single app. While it doesn’t offering anything earth-shattering, the fact that you have so much at your fingertips, from a single free app, makes it very appealing.

Personal Finance for Android




Charles Gaiser from NC posted over 4 years ago:

Use this app on my kindle. Great way to value your portfolio at the end of the trading day.

Moving around to make changes in portfolio is a little tricky but finally do able.

Recommend it as a simple but thorough monitoring tool for your portfolio

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