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Portfolio Mobile

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This week’s Feature Download is a nifty Mac program that helps users monitor their portfolios, keep an eye on the markets, stay up-to-date on the news, and research potential investments through technical charting and watchlists. Called Portfolio Mobile, it offers a full version for use on Mac computers, as well as several apps for iPads, iPhones and even Android phones. Users can access their portfolios while on the go without having to manually back up their information. The program can also sync with a brokerage account so users do not have to worry about recording and updating their transactions manually.

Unlike many other portfolio management programs, Portfolio Mobile allows users to research and follow both domestic and international stocks, bonds and options, which can be displayed in the user’s preferred currency.

Portfolio Mobile not only helps users keep track of their portfolio, but also does a decent job at analyzing it. Users can monitor their portfolio’s profit and loss, which is broken down into realized, unrealized and closed positions, and have its performance graphed against benchmarks, such as the DJIA and the S&P 500. For more thorough analysis of a particular stock in the portfolio, double-clicking on it will display information specific to that stock while still showing the user’s portfolio in a sidebar, thus allowing users to switch between investments with ease. This window contains everything about the stock, from relevant news and its historical performance to a customizable chart of its performance.

The charting feature in Portfolio Mobile is rather excellent, especially for those new to technical analysis or those who would like to quickly switch through multiple charts.

To create customized charts, select Edit Templates from the drop-down menu in the chart window, which is called “Sample Template” when the program is first installed. Here, users can create their own templates, which can each contain a variety of charts and overlays. For instance, a user might want to create a template specific to momentum analysis by adding technical indicators, such as Stochastic Slow, and overlays, such as Bollinger Bands.

When selecting the indicators or overlays for a template, users will notice that each contains a description of what it does, which is perfect for those trying to learn about technical analysis. At the moment, the program is behind on the overwhelming amount of indicators and overlays that exist today, but it already offers a decent variety and is expanding.

Another convenient and potentially useful feature is the News tab, where users can view headlines from Google, MarketWatch, Reuters and more. These headlines are RSS feeds, and Portfolio Mobile allows users to add any RSS feed by simply entering its URL. Moreover these feeds can be selected or deselected so that users can control what they view without getting bogged down by headlines unrelated to the user’s current interests. Perhaps best of all, selecting a headline will open the article within the News tab—not in a new browser window, so users don’t have to leave the program just to read one article.

Portfolio Mobile has a high-quality layout and offers a wealth of useful features for the average investor. This means it is already ahead of most portfolio management programs and can now spend time developing and expanding its services, such as adding charting options and screening functions.

Portfolio Manager 1.5.3
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard) or later
Size: 3.6 MB
Price: $24.99; free 30-day trial through the program’s website


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