Joe Lan, CFA is a former financial analyst for AAII.


H Bendet from NY posted over 4 years ago:

First, thank you David Herron for taking the time and effort to make "PO" available for AAII members each year.

I've been playing with and using "PO" since 2006 with decent success. However, I've always been concerned that each years' update is not available until February or March.

I noticed in the article that you suggest doing your analysis right after the new year. So my question is, Is there a way to do this with PO? Or, is there a workaround of some sort?

James Slack from TX posted over 3 years ago:

I receive an error as soon as I attempt to add a security (mutual fund or stock) to a new .SAM file. I know they are valid symbols because in some cases I have looked them up using PO. Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so is there a solution?

Gale Hamilton from VT posted over 3 years ago:

I am unable to run this program after downloading it onto my computer. I type run and the box that opens is a documents file that gives me direction to type PO which is a file I cannot find. I do find po12c.exe which brings me to the same document file with the same instructions. What am I doing wrong? I have tried it in IE and Chrome browsers. Results are the same.

David Volkman from NE posted over 3 years ago:

I am able to download the po12c.exe file but am having trouble running the install program. I get an error message stating that "The version of the this file is not compatible with ther versionof Windows You're running."

I am using Windows 7. Is there a program that will run on Windows 7?

J Sidinger from CO posted over 3 years ago:

Reply to David V.
Read last sentence of 3rd paragraph. I'm guessing you need to run in XP compatibility mode after downloading utility software from Microsoft.

GW Bush from SC posted over 3 years ago:

I've read everything and have been unable to run this yet! Ironically, I work in the IS/IT field. Yes it was changed to compat mode of XP.......but it does not work!

Michael Handy from OR posted over 3 years ago:

Can't download and run this program on my 64 bit computer which is frustrating. Why wouldn't the program be set to run on a 64 bit o/s? We are financial people not computer geeks going back and forth on different operating systems. I will be contacting AAII for help with this.

Joe Lan from IL posted over 3 years ago:

Michael, I understand your frustration but there is nothing we can do on our end. This is not our program and, of course, we have no control over what the creator of the program wants to do. I welcome you to contact me directly but I would only tell you what I'm saying here.

This feature was written because I found this program to be very useful. I hoped it would benefit anyone using a 32 bit system. As I stated in the article, those using a 64 bit system would have to use XP compatibility mode, as I did when testing the program.

R Stevens from TX posted over 3 years ago:

The program runs fine in native XP as well. Note this is a program that runs in a CMD (DOS) window, it does not use the Windows GUI as other programs do. Installation pretty much insists in being placed into the c:\po subdirectory. Running the po12c.exe executable found in the c:\po directory will unpack the remaining files, after which typing PO to execute the po.bat file will run the program.

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