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John Wendt from WA posted over 3 years ago:

Similar home page format to stockscreener123 which I use and like (same outfit?); my password for stockscreener123 doesn't work for portfolio123. For the former, tweaking their Piotroski all-star screen seems to produce excellent results via backtesting with low turnover--conditions are realistic with backtesting reflecting buys and sells at market open of day of choice (I do Mon AM). Backtesting allows for a detailed log to verify week-to-week reliability--I still need to do a detailed analysis on this but a with a cursory review results appear authentic. I recommend stockscreener123 and wonder about the difference from portfolio123.

Good investing, JW

Shreeder Adibhatla from OH posted over 3 years ago:

apparently, stockscreen123 and portfolio123 uses the same engine, but portfolio has some 'premium' features, see:

Kurtis Hemmerling from NS posted over 3 years ago:

Portfolio123 has the real-time simulation (separate buy/sell rules), cash management, portfolio management rules (max correlation and more), and the ability to create your own ranking system. Stockscreen123 (sister site) is the basic screener with backtesting engine but its like comparing a hang-glider to a Stealth jet.

This article should be updated since you can now get Portfolio lite for $495 per year or $49 per month. Instead of 15 day trial, use the link for 30 days.

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