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Pragmatic Capitalism

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Pragmatic Capitalism is an educational website for investors that provides relevant news and indicators as well as a forum for authors and readers to comment on markets, public policy and economics. Founder Cullen Roche publishes regular commentary on various topics, with his primary areas of expertise being global macro portfolio construction, quantitative risk management, behavioral finance and monetary policy. Roche is a long-time economics writer on the popular financial website Seeking Alpha and was named one of the top Wall Street economists, experts and opinion leaders of 2011 by Wall Street economists. His writings are based on the Monetary Realism description of our monetary system.

Pragmatic Capitalism was launched during the 2008 financial crisis. Roche believes that there were many indicators that led up to the crisis and that the U.S. government was slow to react to the issues arising. Along with the collaboration of other financial experts and authors, Roche uses Pragmatic Capitalism as a channel to discuss the current state of the economy, with an eye toward helping prevent or better handle any future crises. The research used in Pragmatic Capitalism is based on market psychology, which emphasizes market inefficiency. With this methodology in mind, Pragmatic Capitalism provides individual investors with risk management structures that can help them try to achieve higher absolute returns.

Across the top of the site, there are several tabs for simple site navigation. The first tab, called Education, provides articles such as “Understanding the Modern Monetary System” and “Understanding Quantitative Easing.” These articles help educate viewers on policies and current economic viewpoints. The Tools and Resources tab lists different sectors of Orcam Financial Group LLC, a financial services company founded by Roche. The Must Read List includes several different authors that Roche finds essential for investor education. Aside from the must-read list, another tab recommends articles that are listed as Roche’s favorite pieces from Pragmatic Capitalism.

A portion of the website called Ask Cullen allows readers to directly ask Roche questions regarding micro and macro topics. This section also lists Roche’s views on different topics such as the Federal Reserve and government spending and taxation.

Overall, the website is very education-based and is a useful resource for anyone trying to learn about our economy or public policy. It is interactive and provides direct feedback from the website’s author as well as allows viewers to comment and respond to one another.

Pragmatic Capitalism

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