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Predicting the Market’s Future With O’Shaughnessy

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by Cara Scatizzi

Investors have tried and will continue to try a multitude of strategies to predict the future of the stock market using fundamental analysis, charting and technical analysis. Sometimes dealing with a frustrating market can make you think that drawing tickers from a hat is the best way to pick stocks. While there is no surefire way to choose winning stocks, James O’Shaughnessy believes that looking at the past is the best way to predict where the market is headed in the future.

In his newest book, “Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow: A Contrarian Investment Strategy for the Next Twenty Years” (Penguin Group, 2006), O’Shaughnessy argues that investors can predict where the markets are going by simply looking at historical long-term trends. Through an examination of stock market history, O’Shaughnessy developed a stock selection approach for individual investors that attempts to take full advantage of current market trends.

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W. HALL from OK posted over 6 years ago:


Laurence from NY posted over 6 years ago:

Performance data in this article is from 2006. Huh?!

Madhu from NJ posted over 6 years ago:

What is the point in giving an article more than five years old? Of all the institutions AAII would know that O'S has come out with a new edition of 'What Works on Wall Street?' and it has some new screens and he has gone beyond the price-to-sales ratio. I hope AAII develops screen(s) based on the new edition.

This does not behove AAII to give such dated infromation

Joe from VA posted over 6 years ago:

I agree with Madhu. If I pay for a subscription, I expect new material, otherwise, what's the point in subscribing?

Jw from UT posted over 6 years ago:

Yup, AAII's newsletters always seem to churn old articles. Seems like it has been this way for awhile.

Wayne from IL posted over 6 years ago:

Every week the CI email has new content, including the Tracking the Analysts Online Exclusive article that was in the 4/28/2012 edition.

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