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Bernard Katz from VA posted over 3 years ago:

For my money--and not as expensive, though of "modest cost," check out the NY Times shop and their gifts. Maybe not as hi-tech but of interest, this 8x8 in. wall clock (though I imagine if you had a large desk it could perch there) is marble and superimposed on the clock "face" is an area map that pinpoints your address (home or office?).
I "gifted myself" and used an address I'd resided at for 25 years. (Who says we're a transient people?) Irksome to pay 9.99 for S&H, but it was packed beautifully. Con: the clock handles are black and tend not to stand out from the map/address. Pro: Works on a battery and the movement is silent and accurate! Not the tick-tocking-click usually associated with such clocks. Maybe not as gadgetry as what's reviewed, but also as the writer of the column indicates, a questionable gift. But if you have a grand or two, splurge (Disclaimer: The NY Times knows me not; doesn't offer a free subscription for this; matter of fact, probably don't have a clue as to what AAII stands for, and I have no stock in company. Do read the NYT on occasion, but alas, don't subscribe, as aforemented.

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