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QuoteTracker 3.9.8 Update

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QuoteTracker is a comprehensive portfolio and individual investment tracking, charting, research, and analysis program that runs on Windows. The program does not provide data, but instead allows users to access a variety of data sources, like their brokers. Users can then organize this information as they see fit, such as by creating a layout of numerous charts, searching for news, monitoring indexes, etc.

QuoteTracker can handle live intraday charts with technical indicators of stocks, derivatives, ETFs, bonds, forex, and more. The program even has built in API (Application Programming Interface) servers that allow external programs to work with QuoteTracker, which is why readers may recall seeing QuoteTracker mentioned in reviews of other programs.

Since Computerized Investing last reviewed QuoteTracker, there have been some changes to the program worth mentioning. The main changes have been bug fixes. Early users of QuoteTracker may have experienced quite a few problems with the program, ranging from not being able to edit screens to improper portfolio syncing. Version 3.9.8 fixes these problems. New additions to the program include enhanced technical indicators, options support for certain brokers and exporting features, among other changes.

A large change, in particular, concerns the free limited-feature version of QuoteTracker. As when the program was first reviewed, this version contains ads and has limited charting time frames. However, it is now much more difficult to get the data required. The program now requires registration to connect with a brokerage account and to use the broker’s data feed. Moreover, there aren't any truly free and decent data sources available through the program. Since QuoteTracker is a TD Ameritrade affiliated product, it is free for and works best with funded ($2,000+) TD Ameritrade accounts. Non-TD Ameritrade users must pay to register the product.

Though it is now more difficult to try QuoteTracker, and the program is slightly more expensive, it is still a decent service for day traders who would rather not spend a lot on overhead. However, interested users should first contact their brokers and ask if they offer similar services for free. For instance, Scottrade users may find that Scottrader Streaming Quotes is a free and adequate, if not better, alternative.

TD Ameritrade IP Company and T2 API Technologies

System Requirements: Windows OS and Internet Access

Size: 500MB RAM

Price: $14 per month, $70 for six months, $120 for one year; free for funded TD Ameritrade account holders; free limited-feature version with ads available


Earle from CA posted over 6 years ago:

What is the best portfolio tracker for we Macintosh users?



Jack from AZ posted over 6 years ago:

QuoteTracker is a terrific program with lots of bells and whistles, yet it is very simple to use. I have tried many other programs and always come back to QT for charting. Unfortunately QT was sold to TD Ameritrade a few years ago and the original designer (Jerry Medved) is no longer officially affiliated with it. Plus, TDA has said for the last 2 years they are going to stop supporting QT, although they keep pushing off the date. Nevertheless there are a great number of users out there who love the program and want to see it supported, Medved being one of them. There are a couple of threads on Elite Trader dedicated to QT which you will want to know about if you love QT. Start with this one:

Judith from CA posted over 6 years ago:

I thought $14 a month is pretty expensive. Nevertheless I attempted to download the free trial which appeared to be 3 MB not 500 as advertized. Upon initializing it said that the file was corrupted and I needed to download a new version. I don't need to pay that much for something that doesn't work.

Jonathan from IL posted over 6 years ago:

The 500 MB is RAM (Random Access Memory), which is what the computer uses when running the program, not the memory required to store the program. The more intensively you use a program, the more RAM it will use, which is why one of the best ways to speed up a computer is to add RAM. That said, $14 a month is quite reasonable given that QuoteTracker is a solid tick-by-tick day trading program that can display hundreds of intraday charts simultaneously (limited, of course, by the computers capability). The program can do much more than that, I recommend checking out some YouTube videos to see what it can do. To reiterate QuoteTracker is a day trading program; therefore, $14 per month is essentially negligible as it would be a small fraction of one trade, especially when some day traders make hundreds of trades each day. To put it into perspective, many professional traders use Bloomberg Terminals which cost about $1500 a month (I'm serious). As for the download being a corrupted file, it worked for me. The only issue was that, when it ran for the first time, there was an error. However, I believe that is because you have to run QuoteTracker as administrator.

Jonathan from IL posted over 5 years ago:

Earle, have you tried the Portfolio Mobile feature download from earlier this month?

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