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Real Estate Calculator Suite

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Real Estate Calculator Suite is a collection of real estate calculators designed to help users better estimate the financial details relating to buying or selling a home or property. The program was first loaded to the Download Library in August of 2008, and the current version has been updated.

The program includes several calculators worth highlighting that can assist users in making smart real estate decisions. The Mortgage Qualifier calculates the monthly payments and loan amounts that users can safely afford. The Loan Amortization calculator shows users the amount to add to your monthly mortgage payment to pay off a mortgage by a certain date. In addition, the program can help you calculate biweekly payments instead of monthly payments.

Real Estate Calculator Suite also provides a refinancing calculator that enables you to determine whether refinancing will have a positive effect on your future payments.

In all, the program provides 11 calculators and four tools. There are also four real estate form and information sections. The program costs $39.95 and comes with a free trial version.

Real Estate Calculator Suite

System Requirements: Windows operating system, 1.9MB free-disk space

Price: $39.95; free 10-use trial


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